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Randolph Street Market ~ Chicago Antique Market ~ Indie Designer Market ~ Modern Vintage Chicago ~ Fashion, Jewelry, Flea Market, Antique Shows
Randolph Street Market ~ Chicago Antique Market ~ Indie Designer Market ~ Modern Vintage Chicago ~ Fashion, Jewelry, Flea Market, Antique Shows
M. Grace Sielaff, M. Grace Designs
1. Cori Zuckerman
Love all of the Accessories!
2. Roger
Great Paintings and Originals
3. L+M Booth
Nice display!

Ramsey Prince, RJP
1. Montalbano
Reasonable, great use of old parts.
2. Mainstreet Mercantile
Love the Vintage Seed cabinet!
3. Vintage Allure
Just fantastic. The Chinchilla muff and matching chair!
4. Longhorn Inn
Cowhide + Blanket chairs!

Julia Buckingham Edelman, Buckingham Interiors + Design
1. Jeff Nott
Stunning Space + materials. Would look good as a vintage or modern accessory.
2. Roger Krava
Fabulous colors, simple, modern, timeless.
3. Ed Lehman
Great color. All they need are fabu shades!

Brenna Brown, Buckingham Interiors + Design
1. The Pardee Collection
Love a great portrait!
2. Gallery, etc.
Great rustic art.
3. Megillicutti
Cool birdcage!

Jennie Bishop, Jennie Bishop Design
1. Vintage Allure
Amazing vintage, fur coats, capes and wraps!
2. Mainstreet Mercantile
Great vintage, repurposed lamps, beautiful vintage bar.
3. Longhorn Inn
Slipper chairs with animal print, hair on hide.

Kenneth Walter, Gray & Walter Interior Design
1. Dinner Bell Farm
A cache of unique treasures.
2. Kevin G
A unique mix of exotic vintage handbags.
3. Main Street Mercantile
An awesome mix of vintage furniture and repurposed materials.

Tom Konopiots + Michael Stornello, Vincere, LTD.
1. Stage in Ballroom
Gorgeous products, beautifully arrayed.
2. Zelda’s Attic
Like someone’s eclectic room-quirky yet inviting. Love the lamplight.
3. Mainstreet Mercantile
A wonderful cabinet of curiosities. Beautifully lit.

Divas N Design
1.Cori Zuckerman
Very lovely vintage pieces, beautiful designer bags
2. Mainstreet Mercantile
Great antiques-Antique lighting, old hair dryers transformed.
3. Mark & Lynda Golden Key
Beautiful antique fixtures and furniture.

Jillian O’Neill, Jillian O’Neill Interior Design
1. Cori Zuckerman/Style Concepts
Fun to see crossover between fashion and interiors. Example: horn bracelets-just used horn drawer pulls for a master bath.
2. Longhorn Inn
Really great eye for current and fresh patterns.
3. Robi& Audra
Interesting well edited collection. Loved the pair of gold branch sconces.

Marshall Erb, Marshall Morgan Erb Design Inc.
1. Vintage Allure
Beautiful, high quality, stylish vintage fashion
2. Century Chicago
Such a chic Italian chair for your vanity or your living room.

Paulina Cerrantes, Buckingham Interiors + Design
1. The Pardee Collection
Interesting story and pieces. Unique.
2. Olde Good Things
Unique Panels (tin)
3. Megillicutti
Cute bench.

Tracy Hickman, Hickman Design Associates
1. Longhorn Inn
I have a love affair with hair on hides. Who doesn’t need an orange chiropractic table!
2. Ed Lehman
Great collections of industrial+ interesting items-paint brushes, metal drawers, and wire lampshades.
3. El Kiosco
Unique furnishings and items. Who doesn’t need a plastic coffin-Fall spirit Award.

Annette Zelnick, Hickman Design Associates
1. Connie Page
Best display! So neat and organized!
2. Ed Lehman
Best mix of curiosities!
3. 29 Palms
Fun! Fun! Fun! Music, atmosphere, quirky finds!

Anne Stebbins, Michael Del Piero Good Design
1. Mary Dee Reynolds/Saffron Vintage
Fabulous inventory!
2. El Kiosco
Interesting, eclectic pieces
3. Century Chicago
Cohesive, great collection.

Diana Keen, Simeone Deary Design Group
1. The Winding Road
2. Style Concepts
Vintage pieces with great finds and quality
3. Paper Party
Amazing prints to frame.

Edyta Czajkowska, Edyta & Co
1. Edit Home
Fab quality pieces, an eclectic mix of modern and classic.
2. Mayseek Global Treasures
Fantastic global textiles, home accents displayed well.
3. Century Chicago
Fantastic selection of modern vintage furniture and accessories.

Richard Abrahamson, RJA Design
1. Jill Jones/Unlimited Vision
Originality/recycle/great display
2. Acorn Market
“breath of fresh air”. Fabulous display/use of vintage items.
3. Lehman Antiques
Eclectic mix.

Shane Inman, Inman Company
1. Vintage Allure
Beauty, organization, setup.
2. Countryside Gardens
Setup, beauty, organization.
3. Lavie Encore!
Setup, beauty, organization.

Linc Thelen, Linc Thelen Design
1. Lehman Antiques
Turquoise maison jars, restored hardware cabinets.
2. Longhorn Inn
Beautiful hides.
3. Step Back
Blue metal chairs, Tin Table.

Lisa Simeone, Simeone Deary Design Group
1. Silver Tin Vintage
Beautiful display and gorgeous pieces!
2. Jewels in Bloom
Well done display of creative jewelry.
3. GB Geccurro
Amazing pieces.

Caren Crangle, Simeone Deary Design Group
1. Jewels in Bloom
Interesting repurpose of vintage charms.
2. Carrie Humann
Fabulous jackets.
3. Paper Patti
Vintage book pages-very unique!

Jeannie Balsam, Jeannie Balsam LLC
1.Miss NYET Jewelry
She made a custom parachute rope bracelet for 7yr old daughter Alexa…it is indestructible.
2. Klosti
Handmade flower pins from vintage ties. Very creative and can remember your dad, uncle or grandpa in a unique way.
3. Clear Candle
Great looking seashell motif and refillable. Owner very personable.

Erin Shakoor, Shakoor Interiors
1. Lehman Antiques
Beautiful collection of everything, but still well edited.
2. Cori Zuckerman
Well edited, good prices!
3. The Gilded Room
Comfy, great environment.

Lori Anthony, 1 Design Group
1. Painted Leaf Designs
Beautiful product. Great pricing.
2. Chad Stevenson/Classier Deals
Cool pieces!
3. Olde Good Things
Great company, great products. Donated a great deal to charity.

Michael Anthony, 1 Design Group
1. Longhorn Inn
Great pieces!
2. Chad Stevenson
Bold pieces!
3. Pasta Pappone
Awesome pasta, yum!

Fernando Soler, Smartrooms
1. 16-21 Marco Martinez
2. 59-63
Great furniture!
3. Upper Balcony in Ballroom
Great creativity in use of vintage books, letters-very creative.
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