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MARCH 2015 FOOD VENDORS   03/21/2015
Randolph Street Market ~ Chicago Antique Market ~ Indie Designer Market ~ Modern Vintage Chicago ~ Fashion, Jewelry, Flea Market, Antique Shows
Randolph Street Market ~ Chicago Antique Market ~ Indie Designer Market ~ Modern Vintage Chicago ~ Fashion, Jewelry, Flea Market, Antique Shows
Dia De Los Tamales Chicago
Revolutionary tamales in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood, created in a chef driven kitchen with farm-to-fork attitude and eco-conscious vision

Argentinian Empanadas from Riverside, IL. Find them inside the Plumber’s Hall building!
• Spinach, Corn, Beef, Chicken, Corn, Tuna, Mushroom, Onion, Ham/Cheese, BBQ Pork, Sausage

Gayle's Best Ever Grilled Cheese
Grilled cheese made with local ingredients only. Nothing from a grocery store - all ingredients come from fellow farmer's market vendors.

Dinky Donuts
For your pastry-lovin’, sweet tooth. The dinkiest donuts are the best donuts and located outside on the main outdoor food strip serving up sugared, cinnamon minis.


St Roger Abbey - French Gourmet Patisseries
- Delicious USDA Certified Organic French Macarons
- Chocolate croissants, croissants, apple turnovers,etc
- Baguettes, breads
- Fruit tarts, Apple tarts and tartelettes
- Apple poundcakes, banana poundcakes, etc
- USDA Certified Organic Cookies
- Galettes, Brioches
- USDA Certified Organic Cheese straws and more.

Pie Pie My Darling
Made from scratch here in the Chicago area, enjoy these mini pies of goodness like Mini Pot Pies, PB&J Streusel, Salted Chocolate Truffle, Fruit pies & More. Vegan options!

What About Them Apples
Giant chocolate, caramel and candy dipped apples! Made here in Chicago!

Village Batch Olive Oil
We take pride in offering honest, small-batch extra virgin olive oil, from our family's region in Greece. Only handpicked olives, produced by local, small-scale farms are used in our products. All our olive oils are made with one special thing in common, the Manaki olive.

Sinfully Delicious Brownies (Gluten Free!)
Handmade brownies and amazing gluten-free options!

Chocolate Twist
Kate received her baking and pastry certificate at Kendall College, Chicago. After careful listening to heart and her joyful memories of her Grandparents cooking, Chocolate Twist was born in 2009!

Black Angel Saucery
Small batch, hand crafted gourmet hot sauces including our flagship product, Porcus Infernum, an award winning Bacon Hot Sauce. Other sauces are:
VooDew HoneyDoo - Hot sauce made with Peppadew peppers, the only sauce licensed to use these specialty peppers, Bhuty Thyme - Mediterranean style tomato based sauce with italian herbs & seasonings. V'Racha - Asian inspired hot sauce, our hottest offering. Psycho Tropic - Tropical sauce with pineapple & papaya flavorings.

Terry's Toffee
17 Award-winning flavors of gourmet toffee and other amazing confections made in Chicago. A special gift at the Academy Awards for over 10 years. Spice up your Valentine's with our sensuous and exotic flavors.

Donostia Spanish Foods
With Donostia Foods we hope to bring a sampling of the culinary culture of Donostia-San Sebastián to kitchens across the United States. A reminder of, or introduction to, the city's home cooking, txokos (gastronomy clubs), world-renowned pintxo bars and restaurants, and the tradition of good food, friends, and family.

Mrs. Wright's Gourmet Popcorn
We will be selling gourmet popcorn in a variety of flavors ie cheese and caramel, buttery caramel, hot & spicy, flaming hot, bacon cheddar, white cheddar and more.

Grown Up Kids Stuff Chocolate Sauce
All natural chocolate sauces made from scratch with the freshest ingredients.

OMG! Windy City
Jazz up your salads, entrees, mixed drinks and desserts with complimentary flavored olive oils and vinegars.  One taste and you'll shout out OMG!

Amy's Cranberry Candy
Hand made cranberry candies made with fresh cranberries, rolled in a sugar powder.

Tonguespank Spice Co
We specialize in high-octane liquor-infused finishing spices. We want to save the world from boring food by giving you great toppings (spice blends, salts, sugars) for when your meal just isn't up to snuff.

Boots Organic Greek Foods
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Randolph Street Market
Randolph Street Market
Randolph Street Market
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